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Creating Rohos Mini Drive Hidden Partition on USB Flash Drive Tutorial + Video

Rohos Mini drive is a Free USB thumb drive password encryption program which creates a hidden virtual password protected partition on your USB flash drive to hide and protect your sensitive files. The partition stays hidden until you connect it to your computer. It uses AES 256 bit key length encryption algorithm. Mini Drive also has an auto-run folder which automatically open files when your password encrypted drive is connected to your PC. It also has a virtual keyboard which you can use to protect your password from Key loggers.

You can download Rohos Mini Drive at http://www.rohos.com/products/rohos-mini-drive/

Create a virtual password protected partition.

1. Click “Setup USB Key” link

Setup USB link

2. Type in password twice, and wait.

Type password twice, and click create disk.

To browse,  connect and disconnect your Password protected hidden partition you can use Rohos Mini Drive Window or System Tray shortcut.


Click Connect



System tray icon with all the Features in one convenient place. (right click the gold icon)

Rohos gold R system tray shortcut

You can also connect Rohos Mini drive by going to the USB drive you made the hidden virtual partition to and click the Rohos Mini.exe application file to connect your virtual password protected partition.

rohos in USB drive

Click the Aa button to access the virtual keyboard to type in your password to avoid a key-logger from stealing your password for your hidden partition. Check the view check box to see what you are punching in with your mouse. Click OK.

virtual keyboard

Rohos Mini Drive is a nice freeware for people who need a way to protect their sensitive files when carrying them on a USB Flash drive around town.

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