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If JohnsonYip.com help you with your computer and website related problem, and you learned new computer and internet related skills from this site, please consider donating to JohnsonYip.com to help JohnsonYip.com to continue to provide useful “Free” content for all readers to read for helping them fix their computer, and website, and learn a skill related to computers and the web.

All donations are greatly appreciated, and will be used for paying for expenses like web hosting, domain registration, Premium WordPress templates, premium plugins, and additional website related expenses which will benefit all of JohnsonYip.com’s readers, so JohnsonYip.com can continues to be a free computer and internet help blog for every visitor to this site to read and enjoy with only a few advertisements to keep the blog easy to read, and fast loading even on the slowest of internet connection like Dial-up, Wi-Fi, tablets and mobile phones.

If you want to donate by mail, check, cash, money order, prepaid credit card, and other payment method instead of Paypal, or you rather donate services like image hosting, video hosting, donating prizes for a contests and giveaways, etc, please e-mail me at E-mail Me, and I reply to your message quickly.

Thank You,

~Johnson Yip

Improvements I have made with my own money, money earned from Ads, Affiliate Ads, and readers’ donations

Website Template improvements

I bought Diytheme’s Thesis Premium WordPress Theme Framework which is one of the top premium WordPress theme for WordPress. By switching to the Thesis theme, I can easily design a customize blog template to give this blog a custom blog design which is clean, and easy to read on most desktop and laptop browsers, and screen resolutions.

I purchased the Pro version of WP Touch Pro mobile theme which displays this blog’s content in a clean and easy to read mobile template which is optimized for most smartphones and tablet browser like iPhone, Google Android, Windows Phone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook HD, Nexus 7, and Nexus 10. It also has a webapp mode for Apple iOS devices to read this blog even more easily on an iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini. WP Touch Pro also loads very quickly on mobile devices since its template is very light, so it downloads fast while saving you money on your data caps for your mobile data plan.

WP Touch Pro makes it possible for me easily make changes like changing the background color, font size, and font style to WP Touch Pro mobile template, so people with smaller mobile phones screen can easily read my blog.

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