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Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop Animations Visual Effects shortcut key video

See Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Linux desktop animations and visual effects in action in this video. See the animation and visual effects when you move, minimize, maximixe, and switch windows or work groups in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Linux. I will show you the full animation mode, so you can experience what Ubuntu 10.04 animation has to offer at its fullest.

ALT-TAB : Switch Window.

CTRL-ALT-Left or Right Arrow key: Switch Work group

If you notice your computer running slow, switch to none, or normal visual effects instead of extra in System | Preferences| Appearance | Visual effects.

If you want better visual effects, but your computer can’t run them well. You can try buying a faster video card, more RAM, and quicker CPU chip for your computer.

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